Servicing / Repairs

NBA Sports Cars are well positioned and equipped to carry out all repairs and servicing on all varieties of vehicle, from vintage rarities through to the latest releases, for all manufacturers and models.

Each of our staff is trained to the highest standard so you can feel comfortable knowing that any car you bring in will receive the highest level of service.

Our workshop is fully fitted with all the necessary tooling to carry out any work, from a basic oil service through to a complete engine rebuild, including everything in between. We also have multiple vehicle bays and lifts which allow us to preform work faster and more efficiently for all of our customers.

We will perform any given task to perfection based on the customers exacting specification. This includes more than just mechanical work. NBA Sports Cars can perform remapping and chip tuning for your car as well. This is a process where the microchip that controls your engine performance (your cars brain) is reprogrammed or replaced to give your car better fuel efficacy, increase performance or change the car’s engine characteristics in another way.

We always look to exceed expectations in everything we do. This means keeping in close contact withour customers. All work is agreed upon and estimated prior to commencement, leading to a stress and worry free experience.

We now have a comprehensive range of diagnostic equipment including dealer-level Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen and Jaguar/Land Rover systems. We also cover most other makes and models. These systems allow us to quickly detect, diagnose and fix any problems a vehicle may be having. This allows the garage to find problems more quickly leading to lower costs and wait times for consumers.

The garage even provides services for air conditioners. This includes everything from a simple re-gas to a complete rebuild of a car’s air conditioning system.

If you would like to speak to us about any repair work, maintenance or you simply want to make yourcar more efficient, please contact us today.

Servicing and Repairs