Welcome to NBA Sports Cars

Situated within the Dunsfold Park Aerodrome, made famous by BBC’s Top Gear,this family owned and run garage caters for every vehicle, vintage to current with the utmost care and attention. We have over 40 years of trade experience, and will take on any task and complete it to the highest level. We offer Diagnostics, Repairs and Restoration preformed by certified mechanics. These services allow us to quickly diagnose, quote, repair and improve all of our customers vehicles.

Our diagnostic service allows us to quickly isolate a customers problem to save them time and money. We have the latest diagnostic equipment which can pinpoint a customers problem within minutes. This allows our mechanics to quickly go in and repair only what is broken. That saves customers money and allows for a quicker turnaround time on car repairs.

Our repair service is noted for its quality and attention to detail. Our mechanics have undergone training and certification from nearly all of the major automakers. Our team also bring a wide range of practical experience to the table. Each of our mechanics has experience working on everything from top of the line sports cars to super minis. We also have a great deal of experience working with high performance vehicles. NBA Sports Cars regularly repair vintage super cars, the latest sports cars and other rare production cars that other mechanics may not have seen. Along with car repairs, NBA Sports Cars offers a bespoke restoration service. We can take even the most damaged or dated car and make it run like new. This includes classic cars, super cars and damaged modern cars.

If you are looking for car repairs preformed by qualified professional mechanics who take pride in their work, then look no further than NBA sports Cars.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Welcome to NBA Sports Cars